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If you are reading this, by some random Google type miracle, I decided to just blog a lil sumtin right quick just because the 2011 BET Awards just ended and the only thing I actually thought to do was blog about it. Yes, he's a small midget and I find smidgets very hard to take seriously. But um er uh, these Smith kids just came out da damn womb and they've clearly had a good year, but not good enough to be beatin youngins who been at this SUCCESSFULLY for a minute. If the award is, everybody knows our name right now cuz I was the Karate Kid, I made ya'll Whip Your Hair, my mother's show just started back up on TNT and my father is filming MIB right now, then they win that shiz hands down. Why do boys still wear pants hangin off their asses? How come I didn't know half the people nominated or in the audience. I mean it may be, but I really think it is cuz music fuckin sucks as do the people providing the bull shit. It's bad enough Justin fuckin Bieber is at the BET Awards for no reason but of all the awards he can present, Best Male Hip Hop Artist. Maybe Debra may want to take Kevin's advice and include a "No-Man" in her crew. BET never really mentioned her in the commercials prior to the show or even when they would announce who was coming when they cut to commercials during the show (how many times did you hear them say stay tuned for Justin fuckin Bieber? So I was thinking that maybe she was closing the show or doing some kind of special surprise performance.

My last post was more than a year ago, so I'm not really expecting anyone to read this. Not to mention, she was killin' em tonite..is gorgeous..looked stunning. So as you can imagine, I was more than excited to know that Kelly Rowland was performing.

Earl was an outspoken Baptist lay speaker, and he and Louise were admirers of Pan-African activist Marcus Garvey.

Earl was a local leader of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) and Louise served as secretary and "branch reporter", sending news of local UNIA activities to Negro World; they inculcated self-reliance and black pride in their children.

I also will talk about you and whoever else I damn well feel like talkin about. But of course, that is not what happens - at least not in my unsolicited opinion.

Should you have an issue with that, feel free to keep it movin. Kelly comes out wearing a big ass hat and a stupid suit.

And of course, I especially loved the Anita Baker "Caught Up in the Rapture" duet. Ummmm, Willow asked people to whip their hair in one song. Jaden at least got two movies under his belt but com'on son.

She has the sexiest song in the world right now and this bitch is wearing a big ass hat and a suit.

The hat totally hid her face, which is her best fuckin asset, and wasn't nothing sexy or cute about that pants suit situation. I hate to say it, but if Beyonce was coming out singing that song, she would have been in the most sexiest outfit - still keepin it elegant and classy - and she would have sexed up that whole stage with a full on motivation situation.

The Nation promoted black supremacy, advocated the separation of black and white Americans, and rejected the civil rights movement for its emphasis on integration.

By March 1964, Malcolm X had grown disillusioned with the Nation of Islam and its leader Elijah Muhammad.

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In 1946, at age twenty, he went to prison for larceny and breaking and entering.

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