Women who are physically intimidating

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Women who are physically intimidating

Don't forget most men are taller and more muscular than most woman. I'm 6' 1'' and about 245, i'm not fat, nor am I particularly muscular, I'm more a naturally strongly built person.

My size doesn't differ greatly from the average for American men, who are often around 6' tall.

Also, the type women that are looking for a partner who is more the submissive type, I've found do not care for me, as it is easy for them to see by looking at me and feeling my vibe, that I won't take the first ounce of sh*t from them, so these types ignore me.

Though I do not care for younger women, on the rare occasion that I flirt with one it's not been reciprocated..

Even though a whole lot of guys don't want to believe it....being a good and decent person can cover a whole lot of flaws. I've had women tell me that I don't seem too approachable even though I try and smile.

I know this probably isn't true in your case, but when I hear people say stuff like that, it automatically makes me think they are looking for excuses for being lazy. I'm not the biggest guy in the world, 5'11, 205 about 9% bodyfat, but not the smallest.

I check my body fat% once every couple of months, because I want to know where im at. I know its easier to watch TV and get morbidly obese and then criticize people who put in hard work to be fit and live a healthy life. I just have a "thing" about people who go about comparing themselves to others and becoming "obsessed" with their body image. My best bud says I look "too masculine" and women are intimidated by me.My sister says that the veins in my biceps are a big turnoff too? I try and smile, be friendly and wear "softer" color clothes... are women intimidated by decent looking/fit muscular guys? Some women I know only date muscular men and hardly any of these women have a fulfilling relationship. I did become friends with two "health nuts" who had chiseled bodies but were worthy conversationalists and overall interesting and decent guys. younger women find me somewhat intimidating, though I've always tried to be anything but..Now women in their mid 30s and up, generally speaking, seem the most at ease around me and pretty comfortable actually, which suits me fine - because they are my favorite Again these are of course subjective experiences, but they are experiences nonetheless.

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A) For starters, I never mentioned how many days a week I work out, not sure where 6 came from.

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