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The flip side dating

Dominick tells his wife, Ava, that he plans to visit the flipside. Despite the risks involved, and the promise of trouble from his superior, Caleb Line, Dominick visits the flipside again.

While he is there, and against all sense, Dominick begins a relationship with Jane.

The story concludes with a plot twist involving a causal loop, a popular concept in time-travel fiction.

In 2130, Earth has attained a clean, safe and anaesthetised future.

Silos allow you to avoid other groups and just deal with your in-group.

The Flipside of Dominick Hide is a British television play first transmitted by the BBC 1 on 9 December 1980 as part of the Play for Today series.

Peter Firth stars in the title role as a time traveller from Earth's future who illegally visits the London of 1980 to search for an 'ancestor' and finds a world very different from the one he left behind.

defense mechanisms) to deal with frustration and pain.

As we get older, we often become familiar attitudes we’ve long had toward ourselves.

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, which is actually pretty good, they have a joke in Season 4 about Kelsey (Hilary Duff) being a “doppelbanger,” which means most of the guys she sleeps with or dates look very similar. Sometimes the concept of “dating types” refers to like, literally types of dating.

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