Sims 3 dating profile

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Sims 3 dating profile

Read on to see the major changes detailed right here, and decide if you’re going to give The Sims 4 a try.A new game calls for new features, and The Sims 4 has quite a handful.

Neighborhoods get glitchy when they interact with content they weren’t future proofed to handle, and crashes become frustratingly regular.

The game also promises to make your sims’ emotional states a bigger part of gameplay, and that you’ll be able to understand their moods just by looking at their faces.

This looks like it will have major implications on social interactions, as a sim who’s down in the dumps will need some cheering up before they can hope to succeed at more cheerful or ambitious endeavors.

In The Sims 4, babies will age directly into children, skipping the developmental stage that comes before schooling.

You won’t see anyone swimming when the game launches either, which is strange for a game made famous to some for its ability to drown characters by just removing a ladder from the wall of a pool.

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When you consider Simcity’s catastrophic launch just last year, and the countless bugs and crashes that still plague The Sims 3, you’d be forgiven for being skeptical of a new game that’s making some big promises.

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