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This area is a great way to start your partying in Basel: hitting the after-work cafes.

In summer, it’s quite the scene with people sitting in tables having cocktails and conversations while others walk and ride bicycles on the pedestrian street Steinenvorstadt. It has something for everyone: A large outdoor lounge-style patio – with an atual simming pool in the middle of it – a happening bar inside, a dance floor in a separate building, and even a restaurant.

You would have a great time in Basel if you went no further than Paddy Reilly’s, the Irish bar where every Friday and Saturday night might as well be St. Paddy’s is great for meeting people because, for one reason, there’s a lot people to meet!

After midnight, it’s more packed than a woman’s suitcase, and it goes on until 5 in the morning.

It has one of the coolest combo-bars you’ll ever enounter and one of the liveliest – and most crowded – Irish pubs in all of Europe.

If that makes it sound like a pick-up joint, well, it certainly has that potential. We’ll say this: The setting is certainly ripe for the pickings.

Unless it’s to go upstairs and eat in its excellent restaurant, don’t arrive before midnight, because you’ll be the only people in the place.

For drinks with a bird’s eye view, Bar Rouge is at the top of the Exhibition Tower, the tallest building in Basel.

You had better get there before midnight on weekends, or you’ll be waiting in line or having your pints outside on the patio and adjacent grass hill. Pickwick’s Pub is a mere two blocks away – everything in Basel is within short walking distance, another plus for the nightlife in this city – and, compared to Paddy’s, is typically British understated. That means you can walk right into the place, grab a pint and find a table. The bartenders are so authentically British you have to concentrate to understand their thick accent if you’re not used to it.

Paddy Reilly’s is located on Steinentorstrasse, just a couple of doors down from the Radisson Blu Hotel which, considering the latter’s location and the fact that it’s a nice property, is an ideal place to stay while in Basel. If there’s a football game on, or any other sports you want to see, this is the place to watch it.

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