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The missions are therefore listed here in order from easiest to hardest.

This mission is your entry into San Fierro where the next act of the game takes place.

These missions are activated in Angel Pine where Tenpenny and co. If you need money to buy weapons, this is an ideal spot to complete ambulance side-missions.

There’s a Save point and a body-armour pick-up in a fenced area in town.

In order to access this mission you have to complete all of Catalina’s and Cesar’s missions. : You have to smuggle the weed to San Fierro, but narcs attack The Truth’s little green village. All you need to do is hold down fire and strafe – letting the fires consume the plants.

Don’t worry about the glass casing, the plants will catch fire and the case will break on its own.

These are the final missions you complete before you are kicked out of Los Santos. Reuniting the Families: You’re driving to the meet with the other gang families when the Police suddenly arrive. Because the shotgun spreads you can get several on one shot. Turns out Ryder and Smoke are in bed with the enemy.

This is optimal for tablets, but smartphone users might have too much on-screen at one time.Aim the bazooka where the chopper is going or wait for it to slow down. The rest is easy – you only need to drive the Mother Ship (Truth’s van) to San Fierro, to the garage you won from Catalina (no wanted level, so just follow the road and take it easy). To access them you have to buy his shop, but you don’t need to complete them to advance the story.These are the missions you can activate from your garage in San Fierro. If you complete all of his missions you’ll receive money from his RC-shop.You'll find everything you can imagine here: gang warfare, beatings, drive-by shootings, the killing of innocent bystanders, and bloody deaths.Players can drive on the sidewalk, running over pedestrians at will, or assault a pedestrian on the street, beating him to death to get money (or beating a police officer to death to get his weapon). Prostitutes are prominent characters in the game, both as part of the story and non-player characters -- and they're dressed in low-cut apparel, true to the streetwalker cliche.

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You can gain "health points" by having implied sex with a prostitute in your car, where you hear what's happening and watch the rhythmic actions of the couple from a distance but don't actually see the act. The drug trade is glamorized and there's nonstop violence and sex, and it could teach them a few obscenities that even parents are unfamiliar with.