Romanians dating in uk

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It was only nominated for 'Best Documentary Series' and won this award.

See more » All this " documentary" is made with derogatory language about ROMANIANS versus gypsies, nomadic population came to Europe from India in the Middle Ages and found in all European countries.

He said he had already arranged a job washing cars, but that he hoped to move into the construction industry. I want to renovate my home and to make a good life in Romania because it's much easier to live (there) - it's not expensive." A Wizz Air budget flight left Bucharest on Wednesday evening for Luton, but the Romanian passengers were either going to the UK on holiday or had already been living there for several years.

"I know absolutely no one who is moving to Britain now," said Florian Bunea, 31, who works on a building site at Kings Cross in London.

“I hope to move to the UK and stay for 10 years or more.

“I would work honestly in the UK, but the Roma don’t want to work, they just beg and cheat.

People in Britain automatically think we are all bad people because they associate Romania with the Roma.” British ministers have refused to predict how many Romanians and Bulgarians may try to move to the UK, after the Labour government spectacularly underestimated the number of Poles and other East Europeans who flocked to the country a decade ago.

“Not many people are travelling on New Year’s Day.” But the pace of migration is expected to quicken over the next weeks and months.

“It’s not something I’m planning right away, but I would definitely like to go to England,” said Daniel Georgescu, 23, who was serving mulled wine and Turkish coffee from a wooden stall in Bucharest’s Christmas Fair as “Frosty the Snowman” blared from loudspeakers.

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Back in the centre of Bucharest, Calin Herghelegiu, 34, a freelance journalist, picked his way among the spent fireworks and broken bottles of the city centre, a mixture of grand 19th century mansions and bleak Soviet-era apartment blocks.