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As everyone’s favourite scientist once cautioned us, it’s not enough for those at the forefront of science to consider what can be done; they need to consider the ethics.via GIPHY Dr Malcom might be fictional, but his message is not.But as Scott Adams of Dilbert and Russel T Davies of Doctor Who have said, "if you explain the joke, it isn't funny any more". —RRabbit42 ( What are the eight senses the Robots have? But let’s back up a moment, and look at what might be coming our way.

And when we are talking about artificial intelligence, we have myriad cautionary tales to choose from.And what they are proposing has the potential to draw out the darkest impulses of humanity, and destroy normal interpersonal relationships.You know, what our species relies on to prevent war and human extinction.“The sophistication of the technology behind Roxxxy marks a step forward for robotics.For human society, it’s an unquestionable regression,” she says. Perhaps take some comfort in the fact that the Roxxxy robot seems to be little more than an idea at the moment, as it hasn’t been glimpsed since 2010, and the creator was evasive with Kleeman when she approached him for more information.

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