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We followed the same procedure when attempting to unearth the predictions of futurists and forecasters.

Often scholars write as if the Middle East is a single, homogeneous entity.

In this article, we will discuss what is known about a surprisingly popular phenomenon in the Middle East—the use of social media to communicate.

Finally, we will discuss what impact social media have had on politics, political dissent, education, and men’s and women’s relationships—and the impact they might be expected to have in future years.In modern times the Middle East is a culturally, politically, economically, and religious, and strategically sensitive area.Thus, in this article, although we will draw some general conclusions, in most of our examples we will attempt to specify which of the Middle Eastern groups we are writing about.In fact, in a survey of subscribers to, for example, Diminescu and Renault ( In the Middle East, parents’ and young people’s attitudes toward social media are complex, to say the least.Most Middle Eastern cultures are far more conservative than are Western cultures.

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We then replaced “social media” with “date and mate matchmaking,” “chat rooms,” “instant messaging,” “speed dating,” and so forth (again paired with names of the individual countries), utilizing the Psyc INFO database (American Psychological Association 1967–2010) and MEDLINE (National Library of Medicine 1966–2014) and search engines such as Google, Google Scholar, Safari, Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape.