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Hopefully, that will lead to giggles and character development and happy community bonding and stuff.

If your OOC writing idea is some sort of topic that everyone can try with their own characters, then maybe I could post it as the next prompt? I agree with Furry, I think ooc scenarios would be a riot, so looking forward to it : D Dylan again. hey, they've already done the verbal tango for a while, they might as well just get the rest over with. even if you didn't manage to get around to writing a slash story, thanks for reading and for boucing ideas around. in case anyone would like to post some slash in the future :) Alissa - That last story... Also, let me know which character you'd like me to make a banner for as a prize for the slashfest.Ever feel Esteban would be assured enough about his sexuality to do that? There's a bunch of OOC/ out-of-storyline things I've wanted to write for my characters, but I didn't think it'd be appropriate to start a thread for, or put in the RP thread. Atropa: I laughed so hard at that part in American Psycho!I'm sure there's an opening in the football team... Atropa - Comment is spot on ;) So, this is how Lara competes with Dominic: one day, Matt will push Natalie to this: The little pink string bikini & boots might be OOC, but Esteban would be totally cool if Leigh decided to start wearing it... And given Natalie & Matt's interaction so far, that pic of her with the axe doesn't seem very OOC to me ...it's more like, uh, a metaphysical avatar of her feelings for him : D Here's an OOC Lola as a nerd with bad hair and no cleavages: completely ooc, because as much as he may love himself, he has a far more refined way of expressing it; - I just had to go with that one. For while she might put on a string bikini just to be a tease, it wouldn't be pink, and the only way she'd scrub a car, would be with a handful of gravel. With Xian Bale as a playby, I imagine there are tons of really OOC pics for Damian.(If it's too specific to your characters though, then I could just make an "anything goes" prompt every once and a while.) Btw, anyone else reading this, if you have any ideas for future OOC prompts, please PM them to me :) Or Esteban will steal your 8yr old's motorbike and cry when he doesn't know how to ride it. Man, I love Kristen Bell, she's so much fun this thread is brilliant! ;) ETA; Ghani just made an excellent point, about there being no MC pairings listed, so I of course have to add the one we all know I was going to add; Gabriel and Kate! So, since we've spent the last few weeks thinking about OOC relationships and our characters, for the next prompt.... type=DBLD&g=1&o=1 The Mixed Messenger Deliberate Brutal Love Dreamer (DBLD) Just.....fucking...flower...darling. Youre looking for love, but youll always maintain your independence.: D Valerian the Fashion Victim cracked me up and Esteban's face in that last pic is just hilarious. Also, I've forgotten the most obvious one of them all, which has already been discussed several times; Lena/Lola seducing Adrien. : DOoh, I'd like to see Beyonca and Adrien too, actually. Lol, Adrien really needs to wisen up to this inherent sexual tension around him! PROMPT 03: DATING PERSONA Take the following dating persona quiz for your character and post the results here: If you don't have an okcupid account, then you can use the following name and password to take the test: username: oocrpg password: oocrpg1 Note: For the part where you have to write in 3 adjectives to describe you, I just mash the keyboard. Youre prepared for a real commitment, but its also likely that youre ambitious, which creates a certain romantic tension and ambivalence within you.

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You’re a genuinely sweet person, not saccharine at all, so it’s likely that the relationships you had and will have will be happy ones.

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