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You get so used to playing the same character on a daily basis and then to have to back out into the acting world, and the auditioning world it's hard to start from scratch again. With guys, it's very common for guys to be gross. They wished that I had said something mean about him.

AE: What did you think when you heard you were canceled? I remember saying: "Why don't we have a cliff-hanger? No one's going to want to come back."And they were like, "Well, the network didn't want as much of a cliff-hanger." In my head, I thought, "Why wouldn't they want as much of a cliff-hang oh."So, I was kind of prepared. It's either too sloppy, too hard, it's really, really bad. But, for you, as an actor in a kissing scene, it's a good test. MM: Gaby and I, we'd sometimes have wars about it. AE: What's the worst thing she ate before a kissing scene? We had a kissing scene [in Episode 211, "Love, Child and Videotape"] where we're feeding each other Chinese food before we kissed. AE: Have you seen her in Black Widow with Debra Winger? They actually said, "By the time this airs in three weeks, I'm sure the relationship will be over."AE: Your own network said that to you?

They're so afraid of telling the cast, like we can't handle it. We get very attached and [producers worry] we'll feel like the rest of the work doesn't matter we'll want to look for other work, instead of showing up to set. It's sad how it all ended, but while it was going on, it was great. And some of us tried to tell ourselves, and each other: "Maybe they just want something different. I think it was a very safe way to end it and I thought it was very sweet. What would have happened in a theoretical Season 4? That's the first thing: If someone kisses badly, I say: "Nope. Bad kissers, bad breath; you have to make it all look hot. If I back away from the camera, and if the lighting hits my mouth, you can sometimes see the whole ring of slobber. We'd eat Doritos or onion rings before, just to joke around with each other, to see who would get it worst. Then again, I think we both won that one because we were feeding this stuff to each other that was freezing cold and didn't taste very good because it had way too much onion and garlic in it. The three women all have the same uniform, but Darcy hikes hers up two extra feet and wears a push-up bar and weird makeup.

It just felt like we were lost and out of the loop. AE: Did you share your suspicions with the rest of the cast? You never know."Maeve Quinlan [who plays Spencer's mother, Paula] was prepared to go out, no matter what. Mom's not going to be there."So, it was going to be sad, no matter what. Spencer and Ashley went through so much and they were all realistic situations. MM: Maybe Spencer would have talked Ashley into going to college? And Spencer helped her to better herself the whole way because Spencer truly loved her and cared enough to give her the right advice. It was Season 2, the one where the best friend from Ohio comes into town. MM: Yeah, I pitched that idea, although they certainly took a different twist on it. You'll see us laugh in the clip because we're trying to make the other one eat it, so we won't have to. It's about two girls and one woman who are living different love lives. [She] talks about how she's going to lose her virginity one night.

Since then he has guest stared on various shows such as The OC, Medium, and Supernatural.

He has also been in a few movies including one of the lead roles in Boogeyman 2.

Rob Moran, Mandy Musgrave, and Gabrielle Christian all guest stared on Quinlan's web-series "3way".

In the first season he's definitely got the bad hand in a couple fistfights, which I'm not a big fighter but I found that very unrealistic.

Remains close friends with "South of Nowhere" co-stars Mandy Musgrave, Gabrielle Christian, and Maeve Quinlan. I designed a tattoo for a girl once and she got it, which I thought was pretty cool. She'll always remember me, though, I can guarantee that.

On why he doesn't really date: See, I don't do a lot of dating.

Matt was 23 when the show first began, Marisa was 25, and Danso was 26.

IMDb Mini Biography By: FMBlankenship Trivia Engaged to long time girlfriend and co-star Mandy Musgrave. Personal Quotes On the most romantic thing he has ever done for a girl: I've done a lot of things that are semi-romantic and kind of cheesy with writing and that stuff.

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Marisa Lauren and Eileen Boylan both guest star in "Greek" Matt, Marisa Lauren, and Danso Gordon were the oldest of the cast members that played high school students on South of Nowhere.

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