Lucky dating sites in iran

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Lucky dating sites in iran

On Twitter, the drop-down list includes 32 languages.But as with Farsi, a handful of these a few generate the same message, stating that content is not available in the language selected. Like Farsi, these are all among the 25 most commonly spoken languages in the world, according to UN statistics.The majority of these interviewees had struggled to get the attention of social media companies when they most needed help, and several of them — including Najafi — could not convince the companies to verify their accounts.While Twitter offers detailed steps on how to request a verified badge for an individual account, Instagram and Facebook simply explain that verified accounts are only available for “some public figures, celebrities and brands.” In practice, of those who I interviewed, only journalists affiliated with widely recognized employers, such as large international media houses, were able to easily obtain the coveted blue badge.Photo by Marjolein Katsma via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) When hackers attacked the Instagram account of popular Iranian musician Shahin Najafi, they replaced Shahin’s profile picture with the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

They are often impersonated by fake accounts that disseminate misinformation about targets’ private and public lives.

But not all those who need this protection are able to get it.

Over the course of 2016, I interviewed 20 prominent Iranian human rights activists, artists and journalists who described challenges they faced in mitigating social media harassment and hacking.

After the release of his controversial song about a Shiite saint in 2012, two leading Iranian clerics issued fatwas declaring Najafi guilty of apostasy.

He received multiple death threats across the social media sphere, and a far-right Iranian website offered a USD 0,000 bounty to anyone who killed Najafi.

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These other kinds of defacement are typical features of state-aligned cyber attacks and intrusion.