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Xiu believes Xia Tian has the potential to become a "Zhong Ji Tie Ke Ren" (終極鐵克人/ Ultimate Iron Man), a savior of worlds, so he taught Xia Tian to play guitar and control Gui Long (鬼龍 / Ghostly Dragon) - his evil half with greater power, who on several occasions, attempts to destroy Xia Tian in order to become the dominant personality.

But although they are enemies, they have once come together to fight against Zack, their evil counterpart from the Bronze Dimension.

Aside from her average nickname, she also has three other nicknames; Xia Mei calls her "Lao Mu Da Ling" (老母達令 / Mummy Darling), and Xia Tian calls her "Lao Ma" (老媽 / Mom) and finally Lan Ling Wang calls her "Fu Ren" (夫人 - Madam), a title she is highly amused of.

Specialty: In the initial episodes, she wears a metal glove called "Qilin Shou" (麒麟手 / Qilin Glove) to cast a family spell called "Qi Lin Mai Chong Guang Tao Can" (麒麟脈衝光套餐). Position in the family: The middle child of the three siblings. Fighting Points:13000 (16000 as Gui Long), (50000 as Ultimate Iron Man).

But he convinces her to allow him to follow his dream, and then becomes the lead singer of Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛).

Since he made little effort in controlling his powerful but unstable abilities, a "Feng Long Tie" (封龍貼) was placed on his neck making him no different from a "Ma Gua" (麻瓜 / Muggle).

Biography: As the sole bread winner in the family and owner of a truck company, she takes on the roles that traditionally belong to fathers and sons.

She loves to cook, but most people are repulsed by her cooking because she makes the worst food and would do anything to avoid eating it.

She divorced Ye Si Ren because he was irresponsible as a father and unfaithful as a husband.

Despite Xia Tian’s inability to control Gui Long, his mother made him the guardian of the Xia family heirloom, the "Feng Long Ka" (封龍卡 / Seal Dragon Card), a mini disk containing everything about "power-users" (異能行者).

In order for Xia Tian to become Zhong Ji Tie Ke Ren, he must find the five original power-users of wind, fire, thunder, lightning and rain (原位異能行者) and collect their elements.

While the God of Guns can access the gun's full potential, she can only access 30 percent of its powers. Though he is born with powerful abilities, he dislikes using them.

He dreams to follow his father’s footsteps and become a musician, an idea his mother strongly opposes to initially.


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