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Intimidating parents

The New York Asylum and the San Francisco Agnew Asylum played an early role in the development of wilderness therapy, drawing upon the philosophies of Kurt Hahn.

Although the therapy is often used for behavior modification by the families of young people, the aims and methods of wilderness therapy do not center on behavior modification.

Some staff members are from a correctional or military background.

Among the most controversial programs have been those run by Steve Cartisano. Nevertheless, incidents of alleged and confirmed abuse and death of youth, have been widely reported across many wilderness programs claiming to provide a less coercive environment than that of boot camps.

The third annual Façade Festival features ten internationally recognized British Columbian artists, including Indigenous artist Shawn Hunt and digital artist Evann Siebens.

"It's huge and intimidating," Siebens told Gloria Macarenko, guest host of .

The building's Georgia Street exterior will come to life with a free art installation that will run until midnight every night until Saturday.

"[The art gallery] is this very neoclassical architecture that kind of has these Vitruvian principles and sort of has this colonial history." Hunt, whose work will be showcased alongside Siebens, is a Heiltsuk artist who works with wood carvings and recently partnered with Microsoft to create a high-tech Indigenous Raven mask.

Siebens' piece, Orange Magpies, showcases her roots as a ballet dancer with the National Ballet of Canada and her love for film and media arts.

There is also controversy over whether parents should be allowed make their child attend a wilderness therapy program by force, as is often the case.

Apart from the thousands spent on the actual program (around 0/day), some parents pay a teen escort company thousands to ensure their child gets to the program by any means necessary, without the child's consent or foreknowledge.

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Wilderness therapy (also known as outdoor behavioral healthcare) is an adventure-based therapy treatment modality for behavior modification and interpersonal self-improvement, combining experiential education, individual and group therapy in a wilderness setting.