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Thanks to computers, tablets and smartphones, Britain’s bookmakers have found new ways to lure increasing numbers of people into an industry that was once largely confined to high street outlets with frosted windows, plus a smattering of casinos catering to high rollers.

Alarmingly, experts warn that children are being drawn in as parents unwittingly allow them to start playing for ‘credits’ rather than money on games of chance widely available on Facebook and other social media outlets.

The prefix is used by servers to indicate the true origin of the message.

If the prefix is missing from the message, it is assumed to have originated from the connection from which it was received from.

Each IRC message may consist of up to three main parts: an optional prefix, the command, and upto 15 command parameters.

All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.

Servers and clients send each other messages, which may or may not generate a reply.

If the message contains a valid command, as described in later sections, the client should expect a reply as specified but it is not advised to wait forever for the reply; client to server and server to server communication is essentially asynchronous by nature.

Clients SHOULD NOT use a prefix when sending a message; if they use one, the only valid prefix is the registered nickname associated with the client.

The command MUST either be a valid IRC command or a three digit number represented in ASCII text.

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A person can enter the ‘chat room’ by furnishing an email-id and ask questions as a guest.“An option has also been provided to the taxpayer for emailing the entire chat to their ids for future reference,” the officer said.