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So here, in their own words – and those of Michael Murphy, the CEO who took it from a bedroom in Barnet to a multi-million pound brand – is the story of Friends Reunited: Jason Porter: “We met working together at Bovis Construction [now Lend Lease], way back in the day.We were programmers, [but] we always had this entrepreneurial spirit, you know, always coming up with ideas, making stuff for people.One of the few online dating sites encouraging direct feedback from users in order to improve their service.If you are looking for something else other than a friendship/love partner with one man/woman, this site is not for you."I don't even buy ripe bananas." At one point or another, we all lose track of at least some of the people who made us who we are.

Steve came prepared with another dollar to mark their next visit. They're only shooting for one year this time around."I'm 63," said Steve.

What are the odds of Joe caring enough to keep the promise?

Not many guys would hold onto half a dollar bill from some drunken night 40 years earlier.

"TMZ needs to stop, me and De Mario are friends, someone literally followed...followed me around Disneyland yesterday. I was literally just trying to have a fun day with my friends, there were a bunch of us there.

I'm really not sure why everyone just wants to start drama.

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