Fishbowl speed dating

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Fishbowl speed dating

In public, he is far too bashful to approach expat girls, he says."It's difficult to find a Western girl who wants to date a Chinese man," Chique said.The ratio of expats to Chinese among women is about 50-50, she says. "That way, you can meet a mix of everyone you'd want to date, whether they're expat or Chinese, man or woman," said Zdzarska.A Western girlfriend is exactly what 29-year-old Hubei native, Chique Wang, is looking for when he attends the speed dating events.When the bell sounds, the man stands up and rotates onto the next table, where another woman is waiting for him.

Business partners and best friends, the pair organizes speed dating events, where participants can fit a series of 6 minute dates into one evening. Each event is attended by equal numbers of men and women, who pair off to get to know each other.

"Bars are too seedy and this way you get to meet everyone in the room," she said.

Stafford says finding an interesting date, as a single female expat in Beijing, is one of the most daunting tasks she faces.

Each of the Fishbowl speed dating events begins with Zdarska and Johnson handpicking the session's 15 couples.

"We try to match age and personality while mixing up things such as the professions of each participant," said Zdzarska.

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