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This most likely was to get ready for his next business venture (which is still going strong), Adapta Medical, a catheter manufacturer. House in a series of their videos (explaining catheters, catheter-use, basic SCI knowledge, etc) for the company. House may not be all over social media anymore and is instead laying low in Colorado Springs, practicing medicine and running his catheter company, he’s still doing so much good for the disability community.

By living his life and being a doctor, he’s showing the world that people with spinal cord injuries can achieve anything.

Career Gateway is the only nationwide job posting and college student resume database which focuses on college students with disabilities.

It is used by students seeking employment and browsed by employers looking for qualified employees.

Learning Ally (formerly Reading for the Blind & Dyslexic) is an educational library serving people who cannot effectively read standard print because of a disability.

Learning Ally provides recorded textbooks at all educational levels in a broad range of subjects. Talking Book is a service of the SC State Library for residents with temporary or permanent limitations such as visual impairments, learning disabilities, and those who cannot hold a book or turn pages.

By staying active, learning new things, and creating connections with your community.

Here are some ways you can meet new people and develop relationships: – visit the site to learn how to protect yourself online.

My name is Tiffiny Carlson and I’m a disability writer from Minnesota, minus the accent.Francis Rehabilitation Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and by 2003, he had assumed the role of Medical Director. But practicing medicine weren’t the only goals he wanted to achieve in life. House’s main drive in life – practicing medicine – going strong, he also did something really cool couple of years ago: He climbed the famous Pikes Peak, a 14,110 foot summit located in Colorado.He is known as the regional expert on spinal cord injury and brain injury rehabilitation (what I would have given to have a doctor like him when I was first injured), and he’s also the president of the Colorado Rehabilitation Physicians. The art of business is another area he’s interested in, and he founded the medical device company Flex Life. Creating a vast social network for people with disabilities was something he wanted to achieve, and despite Disaboom closing shop in 2010, what the site did for the community when it was around is pretty great. The purpose of the climb was to knock down barriers and to show that people with disabilities can still accomplish amazing things.The Library provides recorded books and magazines, large print and Braille books and magazines, and described movies for the visually impaired.Bender Consulting Services is a nationwide consulting firm that places individuals with disabilities in jobs.

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And there are lots of good resources on the Internet – some are designed for young people and others are designed to help parents and teachers feel more comfortable talking to young people.