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Dating skopje macedonia

Mavrovo National Park is home to the highest peaks in Macedonia and country’s best skiing.The Mavrovo Ski Resort has three and four-star hotels in and around the town of Mavrovo for those looking to book a ski vacation.Afterwards, stop at Restaurant Ostrovo on one of the islands at the edge of the springs to try traditional Macedonian dishes. It is located in southern Macedonia, southeast of Lake Ohrid near the border with Greece.What makes Bitola one of the 10 places you must visit in Macedonia is its wide range of things to see and do.The best time for skiing in Mavrovo is from November to April.In the warmer months, Mavrovo National Park becomes lush and verdant.Visitors enjoy panoramic lake views and the chance to visit the nearby Drim River, which flows from Lake Ohrid and into the Adriatic Sea.Take a half-hour rowboat tour through the springs of the Drim River.

In addition to the natural offerings, Matka Canyon is home to three churches – the Monastery of St. This National Park is Macedonia’s biggest, stretching over 192,000 acres from Lake Mavrovo to the Albanian border.Ohrid is the perfect place to stay for a few days as you explore the old town sites, Lake Ohrid, and the surrounding monasteries. Other must-do’s in Ohrid include seeing the frescoes of Saint Sofia (Sveti Sofia) Church and photograph St. Last but not least, a boat ride on Lake Ohrid is something you can’t miss.Don’t skip out on visiting Tsar Samuil’s Fortress for gorgeous views over the lake and the city. Just head down to the Ohrid Marina to book a lake tour or ferry ride to St. Check out our article Top 10 Things to Do in Ohrid The Monastery of St.In other words, Bitola has a great all-around sampling of Macedonian culture, dining, and day trip options.Check out the Top 5 Things to Do in Bitola Whether you’re staying the night or visiting Bitola on a day trip from Ohrid, definitely begin your sightseeing at Magnolia Square and make your way down Širok Sokak Street (Wide Street) to browse the shops and cafés.

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