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Over the past eight months, Russia has increasingly seized the initiative in charting the political and military course of events in Syria.

With the United States focused on the fight against Islamic State in Raqqa, Moscow has engineered, with Ankara’s cooperation, a number of “de-escalation zones” in the country, covering the four primary areas of regime-rebel contact.

While a framework for Idlib province has yet to be established, three of Syria’s four de-escalation zones now have a Russian ground presence and are functioning to various degrees.

Freezing the situation along rebel-regime frontlines in western Syria has allowed Russian assets to aid with a push towards their new military objective — securing oil and gas resources in the country’s east.

Chechnya has become a key player in Moscow’s outreach efforts to the Sunni Muslim world in recent years.

By allowing Grozny and Kadyrov to spearhead activity in Syria, the Kremlin hopes to win back some of its legitimacy among Syria’s majority-Sunni population.

This agreement allegedly awarded 25% of Syria’s entire oil and gas production to Russian firm Stroitransgaz, which was entrusted with providing services regarding the “defence, production and transportation” from the fields in eastern Syria.

Recently-uncovered documents have also revealed that Russian firms have made major strides in securing economic boons for the immediate postwar period.

On 3 August, Russian military police established two checkpoints north of Homs city to enforce that province’s ceasefire regime.

By 10 August, these checkpoints were running at full capacity, enough to invite numerous Russian journalists to inspect the area.

This marked growth shows Moscow’s seriousness in implementing its painstakingly-negotiated ceasefire regimes in western Syria.

Further developments along the western front occurred in early August.

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A further Russian parliamentary visit to Syria in November 2016 resulted in Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem reportedly offering Russia firms priority in rebuilding Syria.

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