Cocoa main loop updating

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Cocoa main loop updating

Here the envisaged "Main Event Loop" could be really important, as it could provide the stream of call-backs required to execute the emulated thread. Because it produces code that is easier to understand and reason about than call-backs do.

I believe that others in the Haxe community, with much more knowledge than I have, would like to see continuation-passing style ( ) used as the implementation mechanism for these emulated threads.

p=30 I wondered about Python maybe the best approach is to think about how Haxe and it's targets could integrate with swig. Maybe for js and flash, the main loop looks like this: // Flash implementation: // JS: And nme can simulate the (non) api on its targets. NME uses the webgl api, and there are some other efforts going on that attack this from a different direction.

tried to use -net-lib on mono with Cairo but not yet working. For example, nme wraps the integer id so you do not leak resources.

Maybe @hughsando share his thoughts on this matter.

My feeling is that the focus and attention should be on facilitating language constructs and services like coroutines, sockets, timers - where the implementation can be handled in a @underscorediscovery thanks for the feedback.

Regarding "every tick" overweight : we're talking here about a few closure calls per "frame", I don't think that's an overweight.

The goal is not for users to register hundreds of events that get called every frame.

If they have too many timers for instance, we could plug a single "timers handle" event that would then process all the timers.

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