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I tried an experiment and talked to a guy via text but never heard his voice until we met. I mean honestly, I can’t say you’re hot but your voice is like nails on a chalkboard and I’d rather have a hot poker to my eyeball.😉 So, work excuse was true…not as urgent as I made it sound.Cool." And then there was this guy who just doesn't seem to have very good manners.While it's easy to see why the above scenarios didn't sit well with people, some of the concerns people express seem more, well, petty — if not entirely made up.But a big chunk of what people write is really just commentary or mild complaint.

By the way, thank you Apple for taking texting to an almost psycho level. I knew, but didn’t realize how important a good voice was to me.Surprisingly, Meredith Davis, The League's Director of Communications & Partnerships, told me that most people do take this chance to say something.After you complete the request, your text is automatically routed into a dedicated Slack channel that's monitored by their staff. Of course, some of the behavior people report is legitimately bad, and that’s taken seriously.Respondent: JNPR Management Decision: Transferred Domain: Complainant: J&P Cycles, Inc.Ever wonder what kinds of crazy stuff people say about matches they flag or block on dating apps?

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