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If there is any one take-away message—Christian teens can have fun without all the usual debauchery on prom night! Much is written about “feel good” movies and stories being beneath today’s “modern” culture. In fact, I hope Christian teens across the country take pointers from this film as they themselves prepare for their own prom nights. We saw this movie with our teenage daughter, and we all loved it. Along the way, the teens have a chance to make some bad decisions. —As moral values go, this movie sets an example for Christians in that someone’s attitude toward something can be changed if you are an example to them. Violence: Mild / Profanity: Minor / Sex/Nudity: Moderate See list of Relevant Issues—questions-and-answers. How often do you see a well-made movie geared at teenagers that doesn’t involve sex, and you wouldn’t be embarrassed to watch with your 88 year-old grandmother? It is a nice movie with a simple story that has a few twists with a feel good ending. “They” say stories need to be dirty, gritty, violent, etc. Anyone who doesn’t like “feel good” can go back out into the real world and lose the “feel good” condition real quick.17: How is Prom different from other high school movies?TM: Everybody involved in Prom wanted the tone of it to be reminiscent of a John Hughes movie (Ed Note: think The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink).See full summary » The story is about Amber, a mean popular girl who gets electrocuted and dies and is not allowed to enter into heaven unless she helps the least popular girl in school become Prom Queen within a week, but things do not go as planned.

This movie breaks all of the traditions of the genre and still manages to tell a good tale. For a relatively young and unknown cast, the acting was quite good..m-zeitgeist /* for the IE6 lols */ .m-zeitgeist .m-zeitgeist h2 .m-zeitgeist #att-panes .m-zeitgeist .att-toggle-pane .m-zeitgeist ol .m-zeitgeist #most-zeitgeist ol .m-zeitgeist .zg-date .m-zeitgeist ol li .m-zeitgeist div#att-most-viewed ol li.l1, .m-zeitgeist div#att-latest ol li.l1 .m-zeitgeist ol li.If you haven't heard of Thomas Mc Donell yet, you will very soon. It seems that everyone around her has been getting asked, and Nova is just waiting for that one special guy. No date for the most important night of her life, or as she puts it, the night when all of the high school divisions fade away and everyone comes together.

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With everybody else pre-occupied with finding dates and dresses, Nova is left to rely on the principal forcing the school rebel to help her out.

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